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Extending a lennox icomfort thermostat: part 2

I setup up an android emulator, side loaded the icomfort app, installed charles proxy, installed the cert from charles proxy, started the emulator with an http proxy, then started sniffing the https traffic. This all took me a while to get all working, but after a lot of banging of heads i finally started to get the unencrypted packets from the app.

The website and the android app use a completely different API. i converted my first attempt at a logging app to the same API that android uses and now have a much cleaner app. Have a look at https://github.com/bruman/ruby-icomfort for the full code.

I added a lot of debug statements so you can see the json that gets passed back and forward, then it starts print

"date, Cool_Set_Point, Head_Set_Point, Indoor_temp, Fan_Mode, Indoor_Humidity, System_Status, Operation_Mode"
"/Date(1416870002787+0000)/,78.0,68.0,71.0,auto,47,idle,heat or cool"

part 1 of my post about interfacing with the icomfort